My Biograpy

      Name : Nurzahirah Binti A . Rahim
      Nickname : Zed ( Because So Many Zahirah In My School )
      Birth Date : 13 September 1996
      Birthplace : Hospital Seberang Jaya 
      State : Pulau Pinang
      Country : Malaysia
      Religion : I Am Muslim
      Wishes : Always Success In The Future
      Hobby : Blogging , Surfing , Facebooking , Twittering.. haha + Etc

I Love

      Pou 's Game Accdicted
      Traveling + Eat Outside
      Hangout With My Family
      Lawak Kampus , Magazine , Novel ( Sometimes )
      Write With Beautiful + Tidy Writing
      Love Gadget lol

I Hate

       Be Scoled 
       Watch Couple Dating Because Its MAKSIAT
       Wait For Youtube ' s Video Loading
       Animals That Have 8 Leg Such Spider
       Hate People That Talk So Loud Or Laugh So Loud As I Am A Deaf